We were just kids in love. Living in the summer that we never learned from, and didn’t really want to.  I suppose that’s how it all went. We met. Fell in love. I left. The end. Right? I guess. But on the warm summer nights in between all of that, memories were made. This isn’t the classic summer love story you’re used to. It’s better.

Ch. 1


“Mom. I’m not going. I don’t really care what you say. I’m not going.” I shouted down to her. “Well too bad, but you are going. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it” she shouted back at me.  I hate her I thought to myself. There was no way I was going to spend the whole entire summer at my dads. I hate him too. Even if he is my “father”. Why should I go down there for a whole summer? Exactly. I shouldn’t. But she’s making me. “I’m refusing to pack my bags. What if I die tomorrow and you wouldn’t be there with me? How would you feel then? Huh?!” I shouted. She didn’t answer me. She’s probably making some food for me to take over. Dad doesn’t care enough to make me food. Or anyone for that matter. He doesn’t care at all. About mom or me. He left her way before I was born. I’ve only ever seen him a couple times, but since they started talking again, they both decided I go down there and visit. Well, I think it was more of mom deciding and dad mumbling his agreement. I know he doesn’t care for me. But what do I care. He can fuck himself for all I care.

About an hour later, I was saying goodbye to my room and everything in it. My room isn’t big but it isn’t small. I’ve got a nice big bed with pretty sheets and stuff. The walls are a dark blue with a white border around it. A couple windows thrown in. Its nice I suppose. It reminded me of a prison cell. A nice cell but still a prison. Mom said she loved it. But thinking about it now, I’m definitely going to miss this room all summer. I have no idea what I’m going to be staying in when I’m with the man who calls himself my father. Fuck him. I looked in the big floor length mirror. I looked at myself and pictured myself in California. I was short, around 5’2, with long dark hair that reached my waist, but curled at the end so It looked shorter. I had a round face and nice olive skin. My eyes were normal, with big long lashes and grey eyes. Mom always said I had her eyelashes and I got my eye color from my father. I was normal sized, not to skinny but not fat either. “Well…Goodbye room…” I mumbled as I walked down the stair to the car.  “Charlotte, hurry up we’re going to be late!” mom shouted at me. “Will you calm down for fucks sake I’m going!” I yelled back.  I slowly walked outside, taking a bag of mm&m’s as I walked out. I put my stuff inside the truck and shut the door. I screamed loudly and started to fake cry. I heard the door slam loudly as mom came running back to the trunk. “Char, what the fuck happened?! What did you do?! Ah hell Char. Your father is going to piss his pants.” She kept going on about how big of a mess this was until I started laughing at her. “What the fuck are you laughing at?!” she screamed. “You!” I laughed. “I was faking it. Got you!” I laughed again as I ran to the front and got in. “Goddammit Charlotte…” she mumbled.

I turned up the radio and relaxed for the car ride to the airport. It wasn’t far I guess. About an hour or so.  I wasn’t worried for the plane ride either. It was just going to take ages. Mom had said it was around a 10-hour flight from London to California. I’ve never even been to America but from what I’ve seen, it sounds exciting and hot. Especially during the summer. “I still don’t understand why I have to go” I mumbled quietly. “Because he’s your father and you owe him that” she replied shortly. “Owe him?! Why the fuck should I have to owe him anything at all?!” I yelled, suddenly angry with her. “Charlotte Avery! What have I told you about using that word around me!” she said, deathly quiet. I kind of felt bad for getting so mad but what do you expect. I know I don’t owe him anything but she clearly thinks I do. “Whatever mom” I said. We were almost at the airport and I know that this was the last time I would see her for a couple months so I decided to forgive her for being an ignorant fuck. “I’m sorry…” I said quietly. She pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. “Charlotte. I know you don’t want to go here. I know that. But you have no choice. I hate to be the bad mom here but you have to. I know you think you don’t owe him anything but you do. And I hope you realize that when you have kids of your own.” She said. She stopped for a minute and I wondered if I should say anything. When mom makes a speech its wise not to interrupt but I wasn’t sure if she was done or not. “I love you so much Charlotte and I hate to see you go. I want to go with you. You’re only 17 and I’m worried about you. Promise me something?” she asked me. “Yeah of course mom.” I said quickly. “Please just give your father a chance. I know it may be hard to because it will be different and new to have a father around but please,” she begged, “give him a chance. You never know what could happen” she finished. She got out of the car and went to open the trunk. I got out slowly, my mind reeling on mom’s words. I really didn’t know what could happen there but who knows. Maybe I’ll fuck some guy or throw a party and no one will go. I went over to get my stuff from the car.  “Here sweetie” she said, handing me my bags. “Thanks mom” I replied. I was going to miss her. Even if she did bug the living shit out of me. 

We walked together to the front entrance gate and into the terminal. She walked me all the way up to where they would allow her. “Well this is it” I sighed. “I love you mom. Really. Thank you. And I do promise” I said. She was starting to tear up.  “I’m going to miss you Charlotte and I love you too. Call me when you can alright?” she said, her voice already quavering from trying not to cry. “Yeah of course” I sighed again. She turned around and walked away slowly away from me. I started to tear up a little. I walked towards the place where they check your bags and stuff. Once I got through, I walked a little quicker to my plane. I ended up getting lost so I walked over to the desk counter and asked the lady for directions. “Hi, I’m trying to get to the plane for California?” I asked. They lady at the counter, Margret, was short and stocky. She has on a pair of glasses that looked like they were about to break in half. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, with strands of grey hair sticking out of the sides.  “Hi sweetie, just go up the stairs and turn right and it should be there on the left hand side” she replied quickly. “Oh dear, hurry or you might miss your flight!” she told me. By the time she had even finished I was half way to the stairs. “Thanks so much!” I yelled back as I was quickly walking up the stairs.      Uh… turn right then … what again? I thought. Shit. Now I forg- “Oh my goodness I’m so sorry!” I realized I had hit someone with my suitcase. An old burly man replied with a gruff and walked on. “Piss off!” he muttered under his breath. Nice. I continued walking and eventually came to the terminal with my flight flashing on a sign above the tunnel. I handed the ticket lady my flight tickets. “Thanks” I said. She looked at me and popped her gum loudly. “Okay.. whatever. Bye.” I muttered.  I walked in the plane and looked around. I don’t seen anyone that looks remotely interesting here. I don’t even want to be here. Fucken hell. I walked over to where my seat was and sat down.  I pulled out my iPod and turned it on. Shortly after I turned it on, the loud speaker came on and the robotic voice started voicing out rules of what we could do and what was not allowed. I put my headphones back in and tried to drown out the intensive noise around me. I looked to my right and saw that I was sitting next to the window. How had I not known this before? I decided then that it was a good choice to be sitting next to the window.  I looked to my left and saw that the seat was still empty even thought the voice in the speakers said we would be leaving in about five minutes. Just then I looked up and saw a guy around my age come rushing and stumbling in. Fuck. Don’t sit next to me. No no no no no no no no. He sits right down next to me. Of course. Fuck. “Sorry about that!” he muttered, as he swung his bags over my head into the baggage storage. “Yeah, sure, no problem.” I muttered. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He was tall, around 5’7, lean, broad shoulders, with nice muscles peaking out through his grey shirt. He had dark hair that swept slightly over his eyes. He would be cute if he wasn’t so loud and aggressive I thought. I turned back around just to in time to hear the plane start up and to see the wheels of the plane start to roll forward. 

“Hi, I’m Jace. Sorry about that earlier. I hope I didn’t startle you” he said. His voice was… different. I liked it. Scratchy but not. Soft but not girly. Quiet but not loud either. “Hello?” he asked. His talking pulled me out of my thoughts. “Yeah hi, sorry, I’m Charlotte. And no you didn’t startle me or anything” I said. “Alright fantastic. So California huh?”

“Oh yeah… my dads out there” I said kind of confused by his interest in me.
“Oh that’s nice. I’m just going out there for a visit too. My mom” he sighed.
“Mmm… nice” I said, not really knowing what else I could say to that.
I looked at him again and noticed him staring out the window. I looked up and saw his bright green eyes. Startled, my mouth opened and I just stared. I couldn’t speak so I just sat there like an idiot with  my mouth open. He noticed me staring and looked down on my wide grey eyes and said “Well hi there.”

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Uh. Writing a story. Idk if its any good. but let me know if you like it. or not. idc. 

(Source: ex-ta-cee-)

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